Haute Designer: Desi Adorn

Bronx native photographer turned designer, Desi Adorn, created the brand N8KD out of her strong belief of uniqueness and freedom of expression. She designs for women who have eclectic taste in fashion, like to experiment with color and fabrics and are completely stripped from what society considers “in”. Desi draws inspirations from graffiti, flowers, paintings and different textures and fabrics because she grew up in the 80’s where hip hop and punk were thriving in the city boroughs. Desi hopes to have her own studio space before the end of 2008. From her studio she will expand N8KD and continue her photography business, Capture Studios, so she can help women who have been victims of domestic abuse, an issue she is extremely passionate about. Visit myspace.com/n8kd to place an order.

(L) Cafe Con Leche – gold lambskin leather with brown lizard skin and Swarovski crystal button, $85.00
(R) La Culebra – deer skin and striped snakeskin with black metallic chain, $90.00

(L) Midnight Fantasy – gold lambskin leather with black lizard skin and Swarovski crystal button, $85.00
(R) Da Neck Breaker- lime green cow skin bag with hot pink interior and metallic rope chain, $65.00


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