Fashion Against Aids

H&M and Designers Against AIDS (DAA) are joining forces in the battle against AIDS and are launching a collection for guys and girls together with Rihanna, Timbaland and other well-known designers, musicians and artists. The aim is to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, which affects many young people all over the world. The collection “Fashion Against AIDS” will be available in H&M’s Divided departments from February 2008.

The idea behind the collection is to draw attention to HIV/AIDS and increase young people’s awareness of it. Twelve million young people in the 15-24 age group are now infected with the virus. The initiative for this collaborative venture was taken by Designers Against AIDS (DAA), a non-profit organization that seeks to mould public opinion through collaboration with fashion designers, musicians and other artists.

The artists participate free of charge and 25 per cent of the proceeds from the collection will go to HIV/AIDS-prevention projects around the world. This will be coordinated by DAA and YouthAIDS, Population Services International’s (PSI) HIV/AIDS prevention initiative which reaches more than 600 million young people in 60 countries.

The collection comprises T-shirts, tank tops and hooded sweaters. All garments feature a print and the neckline label carries the name of the print designer.

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