Haute Labels: Ecoist

“Ecoist”, defined as “an individual that seeks a modern, eco-friendly lifestyle”,
was founded in 2004 with the objective to merge design, functionality, and environmental awareness to provide stylish, useful, and durable products you’ll be happy to own. Their goal is to inspire thought and a positive change in the way we treat our planet.

Their first products, designed by Spanish designer Marisa Rey, are a line of handbags made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages, and soda labels. There are five collections forming their product lines of which vary from different colors of totes, coin pouches and small-large clutches. These bags are handmade in Mexico and Peru. The candy wrappers are folded into straps and weaved by skilled artisans.

Ecoist bags are currently sold in over 250 stores from Tokyo to New York and are also available at their online store – www.ecoist.com

Every/Any Bag, Price: $38.00; Diva Clutch, Price: $58.00

Botero, Price: $118.00; Envelope, Price: $90.00

Ultra, Price: $118.00; Large Portfolio, Price: $188.00

Source: Fashiontrendsetter.com

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