Haute Labels: ZAUM

ZAUM is a small creative laboratory, striving to bring progressive and experimental ideas to the fashion community. They believe everyone should enjoy what they wear and add color to the world.
Born in 2003 from the like minds of its two creators, combining the ideas, creations, and images from graphic design, fine arts, photography, and fashion, ZAUM is a melting pot of function, style, quality, and fresh form. Using a combination of retro ideals, modern style, and unusual shapes, they provoke everyone to be unique and reveal themselves. Every item created is made by hand, never factory manufactured or mass produced. Everything you find at ZAUM is one of a kind, professionally crafted and never replicated. All items are made from their own exclusive designs. www.ZAUMlab.com

Source: http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/

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