Tote Bags with a Message

In honor of “2008 Year of the Frog” — Marilyn Anderson, relationship expert, speaker, and author of NEVER KISS A FROG: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp, has partnered with Amphibian Ark, an international organization dedicated to saving REAL frogs. To help raise awareness and funds for the important cause, Never Kiss a Frog™ has created unique and fun tote bags, called ToadBags™ that carry the message, “Never Kiss a Frog – Save One Instead!” Now it’s easy being GREEN – each purchase results in a contribution to Amphibian Ark. Ms. Anderson, who was educated as a biologist, playfully warns women to stay away from “men” frogs, but says the endangerment of real frogs is a serious issue. Visit to learn more about amphibians in danger of extinction. For information on ToadBags™ and Never Kiss a Frog™ visit or contact Marilyn via email at

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