Carmina Campus Recycled Bags

Carmina Campus is defined as creative recycling applied to fashion and design. In 2006, Ilaria Venturini Fendi began making bags of recycled items that have slogans supporting social campaigns. STOPFGM! bags have been purchased from the ngo Aidos as stock, being the remains of a campaign against female genital mutilation, and then transformed by Carmina Campus -on one side there is still the STOPFGM! logo, and on the back, pieces of fabrics, pockets made with remnants of carpets, pillow covers, leather, garden shades have been added. The bottom has been reinforced with various types of PVC (imitation wood, rice grain weave with bubbles etc.) Finishings are made utilizing leather remnants and pieces of shutter straps, while bottle metal caps are hanging from the zippers.
Carmina Campus will make a contribution of 50 € to Italian ngo Aidos to continue supporting the campaign against female genital mutilation and its other projects in favor of women’s human rights.There are a total of 97 STOPFGM! bags. Carmina Campus bags can be found in Rome, at Massimo Degli Effetti (Piazza Capranica 93), in Milan at 10 Corso Como and in a few other Italian stores. They are also at L’Eclaireur in Paris.

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