Haute Label: bandee:

The concept is genius! While visiting one of my favorite websites, fashiontrendsetter.com, I read an article on the Berlin designers of bandee:, Tobias Breyer and Dieter Guldin. bandee: is a simple, stylish solution for carrying small everyday items. As a multi-functional sash, it holds mobile phones, ipods, keys, money and all the little things that get lost in the bottomless pit of a handbag. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Visit http://www.bandee.de/ to place an order. (Pictures courtesy of the bandee: website)


  1. What would you like my name to be? says:

    Very funky! =)

  2. Very cute. I’m thinking of getting one. Should be great for European travel right?

  3. you could get a bandee also in the united states . . . http://www.bandeeusa.com


  4. Anonymous says:

    Pls see the original for which the European design patent is owned. http://www.sacosh.com

  5. sorry but the bandee: is the original one ! we own the european design patent and start this in 2005.

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