Haute Designer: Unnur Fridriksdottir

Named after the oceans waves, Unnur Fridriksdottir is Icelandic, born and raised in a little town called Akureyri, situated in the north of the country. She studied fashion design at Norway’s most prestigious school of design and fine arts, The National College of Art and Design (SHKS). Unnur launched her own brand (UNNUR) in 2006, and won innovation awards for her entrepreneur visions and designs. Shortly after, Unnur’s handbags were displayed in Iceland’s largest design exhibition to date, Magma/Kvika, at Kjarvalsstadir Art Museum in Reykjavik.

Unnur has been living, working and traveling abroad for the past decade experiencing multicultural environments and the diversities of clothing traditions. This ongoing incorporation of cultures in the grandness of a global culture or global cultivation is an experience Unnur tries continually to reflect in her designs. Her reference to this intermixing of cultural identities lies in her creation of the urban camouflages. To view the entire collection, visit Unnur.com

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