Say No to Plastic!

Say no to plastic bags with Envirosax Flora Reusable Bags. They are super lightweight, waterproof and reusable. The sturdy, roomy bags can carry the equivalent of 2 grocery bags! They fold down to nearly nothing so you can keep one in your handbag to always have to use instead of a plastic bag. Price: $38.00 for a set of 5, available at


  1. I am getting so much better about that. I will take my totes with me when I got to the store and I use my “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” bag for everything! I will check these out because they seem a lot easier to carry.

  2. Hi Staci,

    Great suggestion! I love these bags and I would like to buy a set online and give out the other 4 bags to my friends! Let’s go GREEN!


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