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Prices have just been reduced! Stop by to check our first sale on Melie Bianco and amykathryn handbags. Below are a few of my favorites!

Melie Bianco Coral Ethnic Hobo and Mint Ethnic Hobo, Sale Price: $54.00

Melie Bianco Birds of Paradise Hobo, Sale Price:$40.00 (left)
Melie Bianco Salmon Braided Metallic Hobo, Sale Price: $50.00 (right)

amykathryn Hydrangea Orange and Hydrangea Blue, Sale Price: $105.00

amykathryn Gladiola Hot Pink, Sale Price: $95.00 (left)
amykathryn Hollyhock Rose Bronze, Sale Price: $105.00 (right)

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