Fabulous Finds: Tory Burch Gifts Under $100

Since the gift giving season is almost here, I will share any great deals on handbags and accessories that I find in my daily research. Here are a few gift ideas from ToryBurch.com. Many of you know that I love Tory Burch accessories and will feature them as often as I can. Below are my fabulous finds under $100.

TB Medium Printed Cosmetic Case, $75.00 & TB Foldable Cosmetic Case, $95.00
TB Metallic Pencil Case, $95.00 & TB Suede Pencil Case, $57.00
TB Long Cosmetic Case, $55.00 & TB Medium Printed Cosmetic Case, $75.00

TB Metallic Snake Small Cosmetic Bag azure blue (left) and lilac (right), $75.00

TB Snap French Wallet, $90.00 & TB Flat Coin Case, $95.00

TB Ombre Croc Luggage Tag, $75.00 & TB Slim Card Case, $75.00

TB Jewelry Case, $95.00 & TB Zip Coin Wallet, $95.00

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