Haute Picks: Mordor Vixen


You don’t have to be a vampire slayer to rock this one! For those of you who are a bit introverted when thinking of doing the club scene or simply chatting up that cute guy you continue to pass, here is your new best friend-the Mordor Vixen by Charm and Luck. ¬†Guaranteed to turn heads, this tote will help start quite a few conversations. In dark brown with gold toned studs framing the realistic dragon artwork, the image appears to come out at its viewer. Almost as if an artist had hand-carved intricate dragons on a lovely piece of cherry wood to capture its strength for years to come. Although this is not a piece that one would wear everyday, it is definitely one that has a story for you to create and tell to whoever you would like! Retails at $455 NOW ON SALE $341.25 www.charmandluck.com


  1. I like to stand out from all the other women who seem to wear all the same brand or style. Hermane this purse is like art and I think that it will be a conversation starter for anyone with a true eye for fashion. You said that you would not wear it everyday but I would! Charmandluck has a new customer.

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