Haute Label: psnob®

leanwhtblkIt excites me to discover new handbag collections with original, creative design concepts that make a statement. Based out of Atlanta, psnob® (pronounced: snob) recently celebrated its debut of one of a kind and limited edition handbags. “psnob® is a handbag that enables women to express their individual style and that’s a powerful tool.”

Artist Rebecca Robinson, creator and designer of psnob®, effortlessly merges art and fashion by creating handbags using artist’s canvas and acrylic paint, giving it a three-dimensional quality. psnob® offers an Ultima collection, which is a custom order for the consumer who spares no expense for exclusivity and beauty.  Ms. Robinson refers to psnob® handbags as “functional” art. “Normally, when people invest in fine art they are limited to paintings or sculptures which are generally admired from a far. I have created artwork on a handbag that you can actually touch and use.”


psnob® is a movement; a way of life, self-expression and self-explanation. “psnob® handbags are individually designed to capture the attention of art enthusiasts as well as fashion savvy women who eagerly anticipate a superior handbag that represents their individuality, distinctiveness and sophistication.”

The Gwenny is the psnob® clutch, an accessory that embodies fine art and accentuates a casual or evening look. Visit www.psnob.com to view the entire psnob® collection.


psnob® “LIPS”, Price: $720 and  psnob® “It’s In The Eyes”, Price: $500


psnob® “Saavy Girl”, Price: $500 and psnob® “Proud to be a psnob!”, Price: $300


psnob® “Funky Couture”, Price: $720 and psnob® “Square One”, Price: $300

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