Haute Label: Vegan Queen

vqlogoEco friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, cruelty free and made in the USA, Vegan Queen is founded on ecological, sustainable, socially-conscious and animal friendly principles. Vegan Queen makes use of the finest eco luxurious materials with careful attention to signature details. According to Vegan Queen’s Creator, Evelina, Vegan Queen represents the Queen who lives in the ecological castle. Powerful yet responsible, she appreciates the finest things in life, while limiting her impact on the world around her. Today’s modern fashionista and veganista cares about how she looks and her impact on the environment.


Vegan Queen represents strength, empowerment, courage and sensuality. Silhouettes are geometric with striking masculine and feminine combinations. The outside of the bags are masculine and structured with strong eco-luxurious materials. A softer feminine side comes from inside the bag, which is an organic cotton French terry lining. Vegan Queen proudly promotes the Vegan philosophy of life, and hopes to impact the world by transforming the way fashion views luxury.  I cannot decide which Vegan Queen I like most.  I want them all!  Each of the styles below are available in different colors.  Visit VeganQueen.com to view the entire collection.


Vegan Queen Noble Wallet/Clutch, $400 and Vegan Queen No.5 Diamond Tote, $595


Vegan Queen City Bag Medium Tote, $800 and Vegan Queen Eco-It Bag Small Bowling Bag, $650


  1. Vegan Queen is hot!

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