Haute Designer: Mie Okuta

Mie Okuta was born in a small town beside the ocean and woods. She worked as a fashion and advertisement stylist assistant while studying cinema at college in Tokyo. Around that time, Mie also began to experiment with making handbags. Self-taught and influenced by her grandmother, a kimono maker, Mie soon fell in love with the craft.
Taking inspiration from the flowers, trees, sky, and ocean of her childhood and the uniqueness of everything in nature, she turned this into the concept of Okuta: “Embrace Your Uniqueness” Okuta handbags are infused with a unique feminine softness, warmth, and curve unlike any other leather bag design.


Visit Okutabags.com to view the entire collection of beautifully crafted Okuta handbags.


  1. good style handabgs, many Color i love red bags.

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