Indie Spotlight: ZJN Handbags

lilac-purseBorn in Russia, Zhanna Zabolotskaia began designing at the age of 5. She later attended an art college and fashion university, where she won a prize for fashion design in an international competition of young designers. Her work was published in “Textile Industry” magazine and received attention by the local media.

Zhanna arrived to the United States in 1996, and was immediately inspired by the culture of Los Angeles – the people, the music, the art and the fashion. Armed with the knowledge of patterns and samples and the desire to create a luxury product for every woman, Zhanna opened her own business in 2004.

“You can tell a lot about a woman by her handbag.” ZJN handbags are designed for elegant, confident women. Each design is created with love and hand-crafted from the highest quality Italian leather and fabrics. The details are based on traditional movies and the history of art from countries around the world. Zhanna continues to be inspired by her life experiences. Visit Smashing Darling to view the entire collection or purchase any of the beautiful bags pictured below.


ZJN “Anna” Purse, Price: $100 and ZJN “Valentina” Purse, Price: $200


ZJN Red Wallet, Price: $40.00, ZJN “Naomi” Evening Purse, Price: $85.00


ZJN “Tony” Travel Purse, Price: $175 and ZJN “Naomi” Handbag, Price: $250

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