Let’s Do Lunch

logoOne of my Christmas presents was a cute lunch tote.  I was thrilled because I was carrying this horrible black lunch bag with blue flames which clashed with my style.  It never occurred to me to invest in a fashionable lunch bag, so I must thank my mom for taking matters into her own hands. I did a little research on the company behind the bag so I could share with others who may be embarrassed by the tacky lunch bag or plastic grocery bag they carry to work everyday.


Creators of the “original” fashion lunch bag, Cosmoda Corp, presents KOKO Lunch, a trend-setting line of fashionable insulated lunch bags. KOKO Lunch interprets current fashion directions to create unique lunch bags that complement any busy lifestyle. Colorful accents, solid and patterned designs give a new twist to the insulated lunch bag.  KOKO lunch bags can be purchased at select specialty and department stores.  If you are interested in purchasing a KOKO Lunch bag, send me a message and I will help find the location nearest you.


KOKO Sadie Lunch Bag and KOKO Christy Lunch Bag


KOKO Jenn Lunch Bag and KOKO Kate Lunch Bag


KOKO Cathy Tote and KOKO Mara Lunch Bag


  1. Johnna Long says:

    What a great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have the KOKO Christy tote and I LOVE it! Makes toting a lunch to work so much fun 🙂

  3. They now have a wide selection of Koko bags at ebags.com

  4. I live in katy tx and am not far from houston and would llike to purchase some koko lunch bags for my office girls. where can i find them please?????

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