Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

apfAhhh Valentino, always going against the grain. Making the unpopular popular, risk-taker, mover and shaker, trail-blazer if you will. Aren’t these the kind of adjectives that describe leaders? ¬†Well, leaders are never found in “packs” or groups- they’re usually traveling in ones, singular and unique, by themselves. That’s the idea I’m trying to put in your head about your next handbag purchase. Ever find yourself stuck on one color? One style, one look? Well- make sure that you aren’t choosing the same kinds of bags. Whether or not you’re stuck on the color green, so now all your purse purchases lately have been shades of green, or maybe you’re hung-up on red, and you’ve chosen 5 different red bags this month. Orange-red, blue-red, pink-red… Enough already!

Remember your handbags should reflect the many sides of you! Your individualism, your creativity, your moods. You’re not always in the same mood are you? So why are you in a rut with your purse selections? Be like Valentino…step out into the unfamiliar, the unknown, step out of your comfort zone when it comes to your handbags. If you don’t own a clutch- for goodness sake go get one! Why are you coveting mine? Don’t you want one for yourself? Or maybe you’re looking for something sleek to hang over your shoulder. Whatever your heart’s desire this month- make it come to pass. When you pull out that next purse to coordinate with your outfit, make sure it’s unique, different and special. To tell you the truth- I won’t purchase a purse unless I absolutely love it! I want to hold back the drool. If I’m still thinking about it 2 stores ago- I run back to go and get it! I want my reaction to be warm fuzzies every time I change out my bag. Excitement should be the key emotion. Like when I saw this Valentino. Ahhh the perfect black statement! It can be dressed up or dressed down, and you better believe when I pull this one out- the excitement is never far behind.

Drooling yet? (wink)


  1. Okay…I’ve picked my jaw off the ground and now I can say…WOW! It is simply fantastic!!! This looks just like a gorgeous blouse! You’re right when you say that excitement would not be far behind this super sleek handbag.

  2. well said

  3. OHHH! I saw a bag like that when I was in Texas last weekend and I started to get it!! Now I really wish I did!!! Its so cute!!!

  4. Excellant!!! Well stated. The bag is the bomb. Thanks for opening up our mind set on the purse but better yet, how we should see ourselves/re-create ourselves. (deep huh?) LOL.

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