Coach Bags for Men

One of my most dedicated supporters, my dad, was the inspiration behind’s new segment, Bags for Men. Coach has a variety of modern classic, functional bags for men of all lifestyles. 


Signature Embossed Leather Slim Card Case, $88; Coach Heritage Stripe SlimCard Case, $68; and Coach Heritage Stripe Passcase ID Wallet, $148


Coach Heritage Stripe International Shoulder Bag, $198; Varick Nylon Flight Bag, $148; Transatlantic Leather Map Bag, $378


Coach Heritage Stripe Crossbody, $258; Harrison Leather Business Brief, $598; Coach Heritage Stripe Crossbody, $258


Varick Nylon Backpack, $358; Varick Nylon Drafting Tote, $298; Varick Nylon Map Bag, $248


Harrison Leather Slim Tote, $598; Handle Zip Portfolio, $348; Varick Large Nylon Commuter, $358


Varick Nylon Mini Messenger, $298; Lozenge Stripe Weekend Tote,$398; Coach Heritage Stripe Tote, $298

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