Haute Eco Label: Matt & Nat

japanese-paper_lo_lowI took notice of Matt & Nat handbags recently while researching sustainable handbags for an article for Style Is So You Magazine on spring accessories and handbags.

Matt & Nat were one of the first companies to launch an eco friendly fashion line…before it was fashionable. They design their bags so you shouldn’t have to make a choice between being chic and eco-friendly/responsible. Matt & Nat has plenty of designs to choose from for women and men – shoulder bags, clutches, weekend bags, computer bags, and small accessories. My favorite is the Japanese Paper collection. Matt & Nat handbags are reasonably priced (most are under $300) and available in trendy boutiques including Fred Segal and Holt Renfrew, and in department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdales.



If you’re wondering what eco friendly vegan bag means, here are a few Matt & Nat facts:

-Depending on the size, 15-55 recycled plastic bottles go into the material used to make their bags.
– The bags are 100% vegan, and don’t use any leather (According to the UN, raising cattle generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined).
– They will be phasing out PVC by end of this year and will instead use PU. Their products are not Fair Trade but are “child labor free” and they visit all their factories 4 times a year to inspect conditions.

Matt & Nat are also involved with other programs – e.g. 4 times a year they go and feed the homeless in their hometown of Montreal, they help customers recycle their older bags by giving them to the charity Dress for Success (DressForSuccess.org) and Project Chance Resident (foundationprojectchance.ca)

Below are some of my favorite Matt & Nat handbags for men and women. Visit www.MattandNat.com to view the entire collection.


For women: Matt & Nat Portishead, Price: $275 and Matt & Nat Tracy Marrow, Price: $275


For men: Matt & Nat The Knife, Price: $285 and Matt & Nat Warhol, Price: 325


  1. Love the bags for men! Thanks for sharing!!!

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