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coach4Our latest In My Closet feature is my sis-in-law, Tiaa, who has a mild obsession with all things Coach. I sat down with Tiaa to find out more about her love of Coach. I asked Tiaa to pull out all of her Coach handbags and accessories. Not realizing it would take 45 minutes for her to locate and display her complete collection, I watched in amazement. coach1Before the interview began, we made a list of what was in the collection. Tiaa admitted that she did not know the proper name of each bag, so we labeled each with a short description:

(1) black leather tote with front pocket, contrast stitching and brass hardware (2) grape suede wristlet (recent purchase) (3) magenta shoulder bag with kiss lock closure (recent purchase) (4) beige suede double pocket satchel with metallic leather trim (5) fuchsia satin cosmetic pouch (recent purchase) (6) white leather mini drawstring bag (7) purple change purse with pewter trim (recent purchase) (8) white glossy bag with multi color hearts, stars, butterflies and flowers (9) khaki nylon mini tote (10) black transatlantic nylon clutch/wristlet (11) black leather crossbody bag with contrast stitching (12) classic red leather crossbody bag (13) classic black leather crossbody bag (14) tan leather mini bag (15) yellow oversized nylon tote with colorful hanky (16) multi color striped nylon cosmetic bag (17) tan leather wallet (18) sea green leather checkbook cover (19) black leather shoulder bag with contrast stitching and silver hardware (20&21) two black leather weekend duffel bags (22) black camera case (23) plum patent leather heeled loafers (recent purchase) (24) multi color houndstooth wool coat (25) multi color houndstooth scarf (26) suede loafers (27&28) two more black leather weekend duffel bags (for him)

Now that’s what I call a serious collection of bags! Let’s find out more about the woman behind the Coach bags!

HR: When did you first fall in love with Coach? Was it love at first sight or a love that developed over time?

Tiaa: Love at first sight – it was in ’87 when the Coach bucket bag came out. All the fly girls had them with the Stan Smith Adidas to match.

HR: With all the designer bags in stores and magazines, why Coach?

Tiaa: Classic – timeless classic. Any one of those bags can be picked up one, three, five years from now and worn. It’s understated glamour and sophistication. Coach is a lifestyle.

HR: When you see a must-have Coach, do you grab it off the shelf or wait for markdowns?

Tiaa: I wait for markdowns but I definitely add it to my wish list at

HR: What’s on your current wish list?

Tiaa: Penelope Spectator; Tattersale Graffiti Dome Satchel; Leather Peyton; Coach Heritage Stripe Travel Satchel; Leather Sabrina; Addison Spectator; and Patent Zoey.

HR: How do you choose your next Coach purchase? Is it strictly emotional or do you find a practical reason?

Tiaa: I used to to go with practicality. Today, I go for statement.



    Only for SERIOUS Coach heads!

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