Kate Spade “Cozumel Oval Basket”

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Kate Spade “Cozumel Oval Basket” is not one to categorize. You could easily wear it as a purse or use it as a picnic basket.¬†Either way, the Cozumel Oval Basket will be a definite “Splendor in the Grass.” Made of 100% lacquered rattan with metallic goathide trim, Kate Spade has given women a reason to want to lay out on a grassy knoll, not to eat, but to bask in this bag’s pure splendor. Adorning 14-karat light gold plated hardware, this basket has a drawstring closure for its eye popping, pull out lining. You will flaunt this bag in pure style with this number on your arm! Retails at $375.00 available at www.katespade.com


  1. What a cute spring bag! I have to have this one. Normally I think of lil ol ladies when I see Kate Spade but not this time. Hermane you have opened my eyes.

  2. Nice bag. I like this one

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