Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

YSLYou know how some women really overdo it with the animal print? I even know someone whose house is wall to wall leopard print… freaks me out! But this little number?…Very simple, not overdone and my outfit with this? It won’t clash- I promise. Your handbag, remember ladies is the accent to your outfit, not the reason to overhaul the outfit. Your handbag is the fashion accessory that makes a tasteful statement. Need I say more?

I love, love, love black and white with a pop of red. So when I grab this black and white printed bag, I’m eagerly thinking of where in my wardrobe I can make the red happen. I’m such a lush when it comes to purses- God help me! If you’re anything like me and you yourself are siked about this leopard print hairhide bag, then Yves Saint Laurent is what you need to search for. Neiman Marcus has it for $3,500. Wait! Don’t loose your breadth, I promise YSL isn’t the only designer to make a gorgeous multi-colored leopard print. Be creative- don’t discriminate… Target, Dillard’s, or Macy’s could probably do you one as well. Don’t think that you can’t be fashion-forward if you don’t drop $1000+ on a great handbag. Remember what I said last week… I don’t buy a purse unless I absolutely love it! That’s all that matters. Love. Love your bags and they’ll love you back- by making you look fabulous! You go girl with your animal print!


  1. Johnna long says:

    I don’t like alot of animal print, but how cute is this? Solid colors only with this bag. Still very cute!

  2. How sexy!!! I think this purse will turn heads no matter what you’re wearing! It will most definitely stand out!

  3. It’s the bomb and I’m not into animal print at all.

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