Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.


Fossil "Harper" Foldover Cross-Body Bag, Price: $108

Okay, I was on my way to the vision store to pick up my sexy new eye glasses, on the way there I decided to walk through Dillard’s just in case I saw some great looking purse that caught my eye. Well, more than that, I saw the new Fossil line. Very very fresh! Lot’s of colors, soft canvases and leather. I was surprised at the boldness of it. Kinda reminded me of the direction they take with their watches. These are the ones that I liked. You can wear anything with these. Khakis, white shorts, t-shirts, jeans, or a cute sundress. Most of all the price was on the money… anywhere from $60-$250.00 and well worth it. The material and stitching really spells quality… good going Fossil I appreciate you watching our backs in this down economy!

Fossil Print

Fossil "Berkeley" Canvas Bucket Bag, Price: $108

So, take a step back- really look at your purse collection decide the direction you wanna take with your look and your style. You cannot make a bad choice when you look at the new Fossil line. It has everything a girl would want. Leather, studs, colorful cloths, clutches, hobo satchels, and preppy classic styles. Are you smiling yet? A lift of the eyebrow maybe, or a turning up of one side of the lips…well, go check it out- just on your way somewhere else maybe. Just walk through the store- you might see something that turns both corners of your mouth upward. I betcha!


  1. Theresia Whitfield says:

    This is awesome, Ang! I have been looking a bag with colorful cloths but haven’t been able to find anything. These are just the type I was looking for! I hope to make it to Dillard’s soon!

  2. These handbags scream SPRING AND SUMMER!!! Great accents to solid summer colors! Yes..I am definitely smiling!!! Thanks!

  3. Johnna long says:

    Ooooooooh these are “Beachy” I like it!

  4. The Berkeley is MINE!!!

  5. The second one is my favorite.

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