Jalda Luxe Croc

JALDA has a new Luxe Croc line made of beautiful embossed Italian leather. JALDA accessories are known for impeccable design and construction. What I like most about the Luxe Croc clutches is that they go with everything! The metallic tones are an excellent choice because you can get more wear out of it. JALDA accessories are functional on top of stylish. Which Luxe Croc clutch do you like best?

Jalda Luxe Croc Original Clutch, Price: $205
Jalda Luxe Croc Eden Clutch, Price: $300
Jalda Luxe Croc Brief Clutch, Price: $235
Jalda Luxe Croc Brief Clutch, Price: $235

Visit JALDAStyle.com to purchase any of the clutches shown and to view the entire collection.

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