Angela’s Purse Fetish

 Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

GucciI’ve been wanting to feature this bag for the longest. So without further adieu, ladies and maybe gentlemen- please give it up for GUCCI.

Surprised that this is Gucci? I mean for the longest time, the last bag they made were never shiny big roomy purses. Times are a changin’ and now they are not discriminating. No matter what your fetish, Gucci is getting in where you’re fitting in. So be appreciative of the new angle, explore and embrace the way they are apparently. When I saw this, I immediately thought, corporate, structured, church, or business woman look. Right? I mean you wouldn’t carry this on a picnic to the park. I like the look- it fits. It encourages me to welcome Gucci into the new face of who might be carrying big bags. It’s almost like Kate Spade branching out into a plus-sized line of clothing. I mean if she did clothing we all know it wouldn’t be plus-size right? So Gucci making big shiny bags? It’s an unexpected stretch. Okay so that’s my opinion and maybe too deep for the average shopper- you just wanna know where to get it huh? Well, it retails for $750.00 or you can rent it for $95.00a month. Revel in the luxury of Gucci. Old name, classic, quality, but yet new ideas and statements. Make one with this bag!


  1. Too awesome and like you said…totally unexpected for Gucci! Thanks for broadening my horizon on this one!

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