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Molly Stanton carrying B.AIKMAN

Her products have been bought by Warner Brothers, debuting on the network’s sitcom “Twins” with Melanie Griffith and Molly Stanton. Since then, she and her creations have been featured in films, online, in print and in fashion shows. “Each one is entirely handmade, so you’ll never have to worry about seeing someone else with yours. It’s not something you would find at a clone-stamp store,” she reminds proudly.

Who is the creative force behind these madly-mauve-high-resfun, funky, fantastic bags? Allow me to introduce San Francisco Accessory Designer Blaney Aikman. She is an incredibly artistic woman with an inspiring story behind her handbags. Born with a congenital defect, it was between surgeries she learned sewing and crocheting from her mother. As dangerous as her condition was, it never held Aikman back from pursuing her dreams and career goals. “Quite the opposite! Life is too short not to follow your dreams. My heart condition has given me the drive, the courage and the appreciation of life’s opportunities,” she explains.


I appreciate the originality of each B.AIKMAN handbag. How often do you find handbags made of yarn and fabric? Aikman’s handbags and clutches are cute and whimsical. The fun designs, bold colors and unique patterns are signature details of a B.AIKMAN. Visit www.baikman.com to view the entire collection and to place a custom order.


  1. I just wanted to pipe in with my hearty agreement. I have had the privilege of seeing these bags up close. The workmanship is phenomenal and the variety of whimsical and elegant styles is delicious. The only negative in my experience was choosing which bag to take home with me first! Blaney’s artistic vision and joie de vivre comes through in every stitch. This is the first time I have ever experienced my handbag as a conversation starter. Onlookers get the notion that there is a story behind them, and they’re right!

  2. Very awesome, Blaney! You deserve this so much! Congrats on the fabulous press! Keep on rockin it chica! Blissfuly, Chrystal

  3. What a great article! This designer is original and fun!! After reading this, it made me realize that I NEED a Baikman bag!

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