Coach + Bonnie Cashin


My sis-n-law, who loves all things Coach, sent me a text earlier this week about Coach’s Bonnie bags.  I finally went to the Coach website to see what all the fuss was about…all I can say, is Coach has launched yet another inspiring collection. Coach’s Bonnie Collection was inspired by Bonnie Cashin’s handbag designs from the early 1960s, known for bright candy colors, exterior coin purses and matching accessories. Cashin introduced a notion of “fashionable function” to her vintage designs, which Coach has reinterpreted for today’s woman, adding a modern twist. Thus, the Coach “Cashin Carry” bags and accessories were born. I can’t begin to decide which are my favorites!



With the Bonnie Collection comes several new Coach styles to choose from! I am naturally attracted to color, so one of my favorites is a little out of my budget at $1,000. However, I think they are a great investment because they’re practical, thoughtfully designed, and really cute! Coach continues to deliver fresh designs and haute collaborations. Visit your nearest Coach store or for pricing and more details on each bag.




  1. AWWWW…I love my Sis N Law…and the BOnnie Bag is HOT!! And I plan to purchase one!

    It’s time that the world took a second look at Coach! It’s not the bag of yesteryear…it’s a heavy contender in the land of Couture..seriously..and they are CLASSICS and COLLECTABLES!

    But I’m biased cause I’ve loved Coach since the bucket duffle bag and matching Stan Smith Adidas! What like… be the judge!

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