Portero’s Tips for Handbag Care

Not only is Portero.com the leading premiere online auction-based marketplace for pristine and pre-owned luxury merchandise, it also has great how-to articles on bidding, selling and caring for handbags. Here are Portero’s top tips for handbag care:

1) When not in use, store in the protective dust bag that it came with. When storing it, make sure it has ample room to breathe away from your other handbags so the shape of the bag stays intact. Also put your handbags in the same dust bag when you pack it in a suitcase for travel.

2) Handle it with clean hands and keep away from lotions, perfumes and creams.

3) Water is the enemy! Try to resist the urge to throw bottled water in your most special bags; otherwise, make sure the top is screwed on tight. Also avoid carrying investment bags in rainstorms and placing them on the floor at bars or restaurants.

4) Pen marks can drastically reduce a bag’s value, even when just on the inner lining. Store writing instruments in a plastic zip container to transport in your bag.

5) Consider purchasing a bag liner. These inexpensive fabric pouches can move from handbag to handbag, saving time and the possibility of lining stains.

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