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Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

Anuschka Butterfly BagAnuschka Shoulder Bag

Butterflies are in season! I’m afraid of butterflies ya know… I think they’re beautiful- but they are a part of the moth family and that freaks me out just a bit. But back to the cute butterfly and peacock handbags, the designer is (my new favorite) Anuschka. This particular designer specializes in hand-printed accessories. In 1984 his wife began designing Anushcka’s signature hand painted bags, all the while developing and refining the method of painting over the years. Today the perfected process used on their handbags is a closely guarded family secret. Their son Bhaskar wanted to keep the family business alive, and through his vision, Basu Corporation was founded and in the year 2000 sold its first Anuschka handbag. Bhaskar encouraged the use of bold new designs to push the handbag company into mainstream fashion. Neat huh?!

The translation of Anuschka means “like no other”. They are unique cow leather handbags rich with color and muted and vibrant tones made to last and last and last. Where can you find these one of a kind beauties?,,, or on any high fashion runway this summer! They come in totes, shoulder bags, wallets, checkbooks, and passport holders. You will not be disappointed with the way they mock the beauty and unique elegance of real life butterflies… enjoy and do not be afraid!


  1. Okay, this is jaw-dropping beautiful!!! What a wonderful addition to an all-solid outfit! Thanks for all of your perfect purse ideas!

  2. Johnna Long says:

    OMG! I’m with you on these Angela.. THEY are Spectacular!!! Thanks for sharing… seriously!

  3. Stephenie Hunter says:

    Those are awesome!

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