Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

apfI’m going to a semi-formal banquet tonight to honor some elite youth within the community. The first accessory that I thought of to match my outfit of course was a purse, no less. But the kind of purse? A clutch! I want something simple, easy, and small to fit the very necessary items that I will need…lipstick, gloss, pressed powder and brush, debit card, some cash, and my driver’s license. Right ladies? Well, in honor of the many youth leaders that will be assembled there tonight it’s also important to be “youthful” My clutch bag will be a dead give-a-way of my sense of style, fashion, and personality. Check out my pick!

It’s got all three but most of all it’s got sparkle! Hopefully the night will be filled with a little sparkle as well (wink). Whatever the occasion, keep in mind that your accessories are your label. The label speaks to everyone in room about who you are, what your interests might be, and a lot of the time your energy level. This says- fun night out on the town, but with class. Some bags may say… “Grandma”. Even if you are a grandmother – you don’t have to reveal something hum-drum, you can make an accent in your accessory that gives others an upbeat view of who you are.

I’m excited…mostly that the youth are being honored for their loyalty and commitments, but also that I’ll look great carrying this sparkly number to celebrate with them. I bid you… great evenings!


  1. Johnna Long says:

    Funky bag! Funky skull…like the sparkle though!

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