Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

brighton-angelina-bagOh, my heart skips a beat! Take a looky at this dark paprika croco embossed leather beauty! I mean seriously, is there a better place to put a leather flower but on the front of this gorgeous charmer? You must agree with me that this Brighton “Angelina” bag looks like she’s showing off just a bit… I mean it looks like she posed for the picture. LOL! This purse is playing up every angle of “cute” it wouldn’t matter what outfit you coupled with this, the bag absolutely steals the show.

Do you own a show stopper like this? Something that just takes on a life of it’s own? Well, you’ve got a long holiday weekend and all week to capture that look. You can get this hot little number at for oh about $220.00. Brighton is an accessories giant that was created by a husband and wife team that were high school sweethearts. A little pun with the heart handle…amazing what love makes you do. Well, if it can do some more of these- I’m alllllll for it!

I heart you!


  1. I love the details and dynamics of this super cutie! I can definitely tell it was made by people in love!!!

  2. Johnna Long says:

    Keep’em comin Angela…your fetish is my fetish. I think this may be my favorite! Love the croco look.

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