BUILT: Stylish Products that Meet Life’s Demands

built_logo_redI recently made the switch to Apple and purchased a MacBook, which I absolutely love! The day after my MacBook arrived, I found the cutest BUILT laptop sleeve to keep it from getting scratched up. I am so happy to have discovered BUILT because several of my friends also bought laptops and are looking for stylish totes to carry their new gadgets. What initially attracted me to BUILT were the bold colors and patterns. BUILT transforms everyday items into something stylish and functional. The two founders of BUILT draw inspiration from the culture of their Soho neighborhood. BUILT products fall under three collections: Food & Drink, Electric, and Baby. 


The design philosophy of BUILT’s Electric line is solving problems, with style. The products are funky, thoughtful and functional. BUILT products will last longer than the latest phone, camera, or laptop technology, so they have designed them to accommodate both a range of sizes and the changes of your personal electronic devices. Pictured above are my two favorite laptop sleeves. Each are made from neoprene material which is stain resistant and can be machine washed, made with an hourglass design that keeps laptop secure, and is available in five sizes, with many colors and prints to choose from. Prices for the laptop sleeve are $20.00 – $40.00 depending on the size. Below are more laptop accessories available at www.builtny.com


BUILT Laptop Portfolio, Price: $35.00 – $70.00 and BUILT Laptop Porter, Price: $70.00


BUILT Bumper Laptop Sleeve, Price: $30.00 – $38.00 and BUILT Hoodie Laptop Case, Price: $35.00 – $45.00


BUILT Platform Laptop Case, Price: $45.00 and BUILT Cargo Laptop Sleeve, Price: $40.00 – $50.00


  1. I love these! I’m ticked because I spent $34 in Best Buy on something that doesn’t appeal to the eye. Hmmm…I do still have the receipt…

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