Coffee with Tory Burch + Inside the Boutique

Tory Burch Window DisplayTory Burch Window Display

Tory BurchCancelled flights, thunderstorms, and more travel delays than one cares to experience in a day, could not keep me from heading to New York for coffee with Tory Burch. I began my journey Thursday morning to the Tory Burch boutique in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, two hours ahead of schedule since I am known for taking a wrong turn. My timing was perfect – actually 20 minutes early – which allowed plenty of time to snap pictures and get acquainted with a few of the Tory Burch staff, all of whom were very accommodating. A kid in a candy store best describes my excitement. The 1,600 square-foot Meatpacking District boutique, located near the corner of Little West 12th Street and Washington Street, opened in December and is the 17th Tory Burch boutique. At first glance, it appears more of a cross between a luxurious living room and walk in closet. It is cozy, plush and intimate.

Tory Burch Display WallTory Burch interiorTory Burch sitting area

As I entered the space, I first noticed the exquisite ceiling-to-floor wall that holds many fabulous pairs of Tory Burch shoes. There were several glass shelves of footwear framed with plum velvet curtains, along with a collection of belts worth fighting over! The walls on both sides of the store were lined with beautiful apparel from the summer and pre-fall collections. Matching handbags and shoes lined the display areas making it hard to resist purchasing a complete outfit from head to toe.

Tory Burch BeltsTory BurchTory Burch apparel and handbags

Tory Burch apparel and handbagssdc103111Tory Burch apparel & accessories

Tory Burch jewelryAnd then…there was the handbags and jewelry! I have never seen so many Tory Burch handbags up close! They are even more beautiful in person. I felt cheated because most of the time, I rely on what I see on various websites. There is nothing like holding a Tory Burch against your body and seeing the instant style transformation. The details are bolder – the hardware, the colors, the quality of each bag is perfection. Everywhere I turned, there was a handbag sitting pretty on a shelf. The jewelry is also a jaw-dropper! Each necklace is a conversational piece. They complement the entire collection, so it’s not just a one-time wear. They can be worn with any and everything because they are simply breathtaking!

Tory Burch Ambroise HoboTory Burch HandbagsTory Burch Stitch Tote Bright and Stitch Clutch

Tory Burch accessoriesTory Burch HandbagsTory Burch Handbags

Shortly after Tory Burch arrived, I was introduced to the woman I so greatly admire – not only for building a fashion empire in five years that is constantly expanding, but because she is also a mother and philanthropist. I won’t mention that I blog about Tory Burch almost weekly in my segment New at and have featured many bags as the Haute Handbag of the Day. It was a surreal moment because I have only seen and read about Ms. Burch in countless magazines. I confessed to loving everything in the store and how I’d been snapping pictures like a maniac. As I gave her my business card, she commented that she’s been to before! (It took everything in me to contain my excitement!) I did not expect Ms. Burch to be so friendly and down to earth as she made her way to the sofa while apologizing for being late. She took a seat and began discussing some of her favorite items from her summer and pre-fall collections.

Tory Burch Hadley ClutchTory Burch Bag with Logo CrestTory Burch Stitched Tote Bright and Clutch

While there were several favorites that Ms. Burch pulled off the racks to share with us, I will focus on the handbags. Shown above on the left is the Hadley Resin Clutch. The gold beetles were inspired from Ms. Burch’s trip to Morocco. She incorporated beetles into the design because they are considered good luck. (The white Hadley Clutch is now on sale at!) Pictured in the center is a Tory Burch tote with an crest style logo inspired by her father. Pictured on the right is the Stitched Clutch and Stitched Tote Bright (also on sale at The natural color was inspired by the Moroccan desert. The bold contrast in color adds a modern twist.

Ms. Burch announced the start of the Tory Burch Foundation, which will partner with ACCION USA to support small businesses by making loans to aspiring entrepreneurs; plans of two Tory Burch boutiques in Japan; an office in Shanghai; growing the handbag line; and other exciting developments. Tory Burch is clearly a force to be reckoned with. She has a dedicated team with whom she shares the credit, and will soon become a household name. I look forward to many more Tory Burch events!

Staci with Designer Tory Burch
Staci with Designer Tory Burch
Staci and Jason, Assistant Store Manager, Tory Burch Boutique Meatpacking District

Staci and Jason Branson, Assistant Manager, Tory Burch Boutique Meatpacking District


  1. Staci, this article is wonderful. What a great experience! I am so impressed! But I didn’t expect anything else. I love the handbags. The bag with the crest style logo and the Stitch Tote Bright are lovely! I would love either of those! Did you get to see the summer white collection? Wow, she is a great designer. I am so excited for you and for all that you are experiencing! Isn’t that awesome that Tory has visited your site! I don’t know how you kept your composure! But, that is what a professional would do! By the way, you look gorgeous darling! If you ever need a tag-along for one of your business trips, let your sister know:-) I’ll be your camera lady!

  2. Monique says:

    Great post Staci!!! I’m happy for and proud of you!

  3. Staci this is awesome! I’m so mad I missed it! You have to let me know the next time you come to NYC, we have to meet up! Awesome article, and I can’t believe you met Tory Burch! Love her!

  4. Wow. What an adventure! Tory looks so sweet and down to earth! I’m so glad you felt comfortable snapping pics. They really bring your day to life for us! Keep up the good work. This is just the beginning!

  5. love the article! I wish I could’ve joined you!

  6. Staci! It was such a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for visiting our beautiful Meatpacking store. Please keep in touch. xo

  7. GREAT Article!! Very well written!!!


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