Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

Tory Burch Hadley ClutchAll I can say is simply exciting! Tory Burch knocked this one out of the park with the smooth chocolate resin outlined with the suede and the gold beetle embellishments make me wanna blush! This is the perfect clutch to carry with any structured, tailored look. It says; smart, professional, sensible, but yet daring. I have this fascination with circles and squares. The purse has a square body but yet the circles play such a key role. Almost like they’re little smiles everywhere. Or maybe that’s just my secret purse language being revealed…LOL!

Now I’m not saying that Tory Burch has made it super duper affordable, but if you have a paycheck coming up and you’re totally caught up on bills and you’re looking for something classic to throw your money towards…here you go! It retails for $435.00. It could be a steep step for you, but I promise you the ROI is priceless! Tory Burch consistently creates timeless, quality merchandise for top dollar, because you are a VIP! You’re worth it! Go ahead, fall in love with the little smiles- you can grab this one (the Hadley Clutch) online at Caught ya smilin’!


  1. Now this is what classy truly looks like! What a beautiful contrast of shapes! Love it, love it, love it!!!

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