samsara: Vegan Handbags with a Mission

samsāra bags

Inder Bedi, creator of Matt & Nat, recently launched a new collection of vegan accessories called samsāra. What makes this line so amazing, aside from it being produced with the environment and animal welfare in mind, is its dedication to many causes. One dollar from each bag is donated to charity – helping to affect change globally. So far over $15,000 has been raised and will be donated to 4 charities working on issues such as international aid, domestic violence, animal welfare, and environmental issues. Charities include Enough, EarthSave, WSPA and Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The general public decides how much money will go to each charity. Anyone can go to to vote for their charity of choice. The voting closes at midnight on December 31st, so visit the website to vote for your favorite charity. With each new collection, new charities will be selected to receive this donation.


The samsāra collection reflects Matt & Nat’s signature aesthetic: pebbled textures with architectural detailing and styling in colors like black, tomato, chocolate brown and plum. The patent collection makes a bolder statement with its polished finish and gold hardware.

Here are a few more details on the samsāra collection:

  • samsāra is a play on Sam & Sara, samsāra means rebirth in Sanskrit.
  • samsāra is more affordable than Matt & Nat collection and includes a range of bags, wallets, clutches and belts. Prices range from $40.00 to $140.00.
  • samsāra is available in Canada now and will be available mid-July in the Unites States.


How eco friendly is a vegan bag?

  • samsāra bags are 100% vegan so there is no tanning process. (According to the UN, raising cattle generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined).
  • Starting with Fall09 collection, instead of using PVC, all bags will be made of PU.
  • samsāra products are “child labor free” and all factories are visited 4 times per year to inspect conditions.
  • Depending on the size of the handbag, 15 to 55 recycled plastic bottles go into the material used to make samsāra bags.

Vote for the cause that is most important to you: International Aid, Animal Welfare, Women’s issues, or the Environment. Your vote dictates the final donations. Here’s your chance to do more!


  1. It is always great to see that many are still willing to fund a need and give to charities. I wish you success and hope that these line of bags will be sold out. Not only because it will help whatever charity is being chosen but also because those bags are beautiful and looks classy.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love finding great products that give back! Another of my favorites is Vegan Chic They have a huge selection of 100% vegan shoes and accessories in lots of different materials. They also donate to animal charities which I think is important. I would recommend checking them out!

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