The Sackrider Museum of Handbags

Launched on July 18, 2009, The Sackrider Museum of Handbags, a virtual, online museum is dedicated to collecting, interpreting, educating, preserving and presenting a unique and diverse history of handbags to the public.Sackrider Museum The mission of The Sackrider Museum of Handbags is to combine a traditional museum business model along with integrating social media and social networking to engage customer interaction and feedback on what they would like to see.

Founding Director and President Jill Brady was always drawn to old, vintage things that are unique, stylish, yet classic. “Handbags have enticed me for a long time and I believe they tell a story that reflects our past, present and future. The handbag is an intriguing accessory with an amazing history that most women carry daily and most couldn’t live without. It’s a common denominator among us that unites us, our belongings and our world.”

The current collection dates as far back as the 1890s. I share Ms. Brady’s fascination of handbags and am excited to have a place to learn about the history of handbags and how the styles have evolved over the centuries. The goal of The Sackrider Museum is to raise $5,000,000 in the next 5 years to increase virtual presence, for the purchase or lease of bricks and mortar to display our exquisite collection to the public and build an extensive research library, create interesting exhibits and further preserve, promote and educate our next generations about handbags. Visit to learn more about the museum and the history of handbags.

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