Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

white Fendi  black quilted fabric sequin detail carryall bagFendi  black quilted fabric sequin detail carryall bag

Fendi and I have been friends for a loooooong time! This shiny quilted coated twill fabric with patent leather trim and silvertone hardware is enough to make you scream! Don’t ya just love an oversized designer satchel? It’s almost big enough to be my overnight bag. But I kinda like that, it makes for a great accessory as well as travel companion. Fendi, with it’s versatile collection is hardly holding back with this charmer. Gosh, I remember my first Fendi- it was the late 80’s and I spent $365.00 on my mom’s Macy’s card to get it. It made me feel VIP. Mom of course made me feel it on my HIP. Anyway- my friends loved it and I never forgot it. The bag that is, not what my mom did to me. LOL!

Oh, Fendi… we’ll be life-long friends! I heart u!

(Price: $1,960 at


  1. Johnna Long says:

    I love Fendi too. Hilarious about your mom’s credit card- I tried that a time or two. I have an oversized Fendi, would love to have the white though!

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