Angela’s Purse Fetish

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

Prada clover textured patent large bowler bagOkay so what if I told you that you could save 28% on this Prada bag at Does that make the wheels start churning? Are you thinking, what color should I pick out this time? Are your palms a little sweaty and are you a little aggravated that someone is perhaps trying to get your attention? That’s what happens to me when I’m one-track minded about obtaining a new handbag. It’s like please shhh so I can think… did you hear what she just said? 28% extra off Prada, Hel-lo!!! LOL.

No need to panic, there will be more than enough to choose from. My favorite color… shades of Green. Prada calls this one, “Clover”. The beauty is in the details, it’s a textured patent calfskin with polished goldtone hardware.It promises to get anyone’s attention who’s more than 50 feet away. Very shiny and noticeable, don’t you think?. I love it! Don’t you dare miss this sale. Are you kidding me? I love bluefly- they make it so any and everyone can have at it. They’re not afraid of a sale…

There’s gotta be some luck in your pocket once you grab ahold of this Clover! Happy shopping! (Prada Clover Textured Patent Large Bowler, Price: $1,220.40)


  1. I LOVE this Prada bag….And did I read correctly? Sale? That is one 4 letter word I adore! Green is going to be my new lucky color. Thanks Angela for this great pick and sale info. Happy bag hunting!

  2. Johnna Long says:

    Now you know, I love Prada… and in GREEN? This is it!!!

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