Envirosax’s New La Boheme Collection

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I love Envirosax’s new collection, La Boheme! La Boheme (pronounced La-Bo-Em), named after the opera composed by Giacomo Puccini, has been inspired by a fusion of the romanticism of Bohemia and the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement. The Bohemian period was renowned for its counter culture appeal representing artists, writers, musicians and actors and their free, experimental and unconventional lifestyles. It was a time of great creativity and a chance to explore ideas outside societal limitations.

La Boheme Bag1La Boheme Bag3La Boheme Bag2

“I love the ideals of Bohemia,” says founder of Envirosax Belinda David- Tooze, “this new line is an expression of my artistic freedom. I hope it encourages everyone to explore their passions whether it be in fashion, art, culture or environmental issues and sometimes think outside the box.” The La Boheme range is now available at Envirosax.com

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