Reusable Totes: Form vs Function

Target Reusable ToteWhole Foods Reusable Tote

In today’s eco-obsessed world, plastic bags are just as despised as corporate jets. But are their successors – reusable totes – really that eco-friendly? In “Baggage Claims,” by Faye Penn WSJ. highlights

the key players in the reusable tote industry such as Whole Foods, Ralphs, Trader Joe’s and Dean & Deluca, and ranks the eco-cred of their tote options on variables such as style, capacity and reusable-friendliness.

I was happy to discover this article because I have noticed more retailers are creating reusable totes. As I stand in line waiting to check out, I sometimes wonder if customers actually use these bags. Visit “Baggage Claims” to find out the best and worst reusable shopping bags.

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