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Nothing excites me more than discovering a new handbag collection with an original design concept. It’s refreshing to see handbags that stand out amongst the hundreds of other labels. Posse handbags came on the scene in 2006, and since then, has been featured in countless magazines and can be found at Nordstrom, Henri Bendel, and over 100 specialty stores across the country. I had the opportunity to interview Andrea Posse, creator and designer of Posse handbags.


anissa navy.smHandbag Report: Since design runs in your family, did creating a collection of handbags come natural?
Andrea Posse: Yes, I have always been into fashion, ever since I was a kid!
HR: Who or what influenced your decision to design handbags?VANESSA GOLD SHIMMER
AP: The Lady Dior Bag.
HR: What inspired you when developing your latest collection? How do you decide which colors and fabrics to use?
AP: I wanted to evolve the fringe that we had done last season which led me to do horizontal fringe. I also wanted the leathers to be edgy and eye catching so I used a lot of distressed metallics and shimmers.
HR: I have not seen the combination of horizontal fringe and tie-dye style fabric. How did you come up with such a unique concept?
AP: I wanted something very street chic edge, so we custom made this leather to have a look completely different from what everyone else is doing
HR: Describe a turning point in your career. Is there an instance where you realized your hard work has finally paid off?
AP: Yes, when we started selling at Henri Bendel, Intermix and Nordstrom!
HR: Where do you see Posse 5 years from now? Are there plans to expand the collection?
AP: Yes we would eventually like to expand into leather jackets and shoes.
HR: Are you on Facebook and Twitter?
AP: Not yet! Just our site www.possenyc.com


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