Melie Bianco Leopard Belinda Bag

Melie Bianco Belinda Bag in IvoryMelie Bianco Leopard Belinda Bag in Camel

Meet my new best friend Belinda. Sure, she is faux but who wears real fur any more? No one! (Save the animals!) I love Belinda and of course, she loves me. From the dual squared silver and tortoise shell toned hardware and handle, the Melie Bianco leopard bag (or my beloved “Belinda”) is sure to complete your new fall fashion look. Did I mention the polka dot interior? So cute! Dare to follow the faux animal print trend by adding Belinda to your handbag collection. You will have instant class and good helping of sass!! Available in ivory and camel. Retails at $86.40 at Melie Bianco Leopard Belinda Bag at Baghaus.


  1. HandbagLover says:

    Someone told me to check out your purse choices and am glad that I did! This purse is so unique and trendy. I love it. Definitely going to take a look at what else Miss Hermane has chosen as “Haute Pick”. This one is STELLAR! Great, awesome purse Hermane! Thanks.

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