Dior Lady Dior Cannage Tote

Definition of Fetish: An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.

Dior Lady Dior Cannage ToteSay no more…you guessed it! It’s Dior! How divine…Black patent calf leather, quilted top stitching, which I LOVE, and silver hardware. Who wouldn’t want to tote this Tote? I mean, every time I think about how I STILL don’t have a black purse that I ABSOLUTELY can’t do without, Dior just comes through kicking down my door. I am shameless over this piece. It’s perfection. I wish I had a sofa that looked like this. That’s another story. Anyway – black, classic, stylish, sophisticated, haute, swanky, do any other words come to mind when you peep this handbag? What about this word…broke. Sorry, I wish I had $2300.00 to pass across a glass counter to capture this little lady, but my new hardwoods took the cake this month. But there’s still hope for you, and there’s always my dreams. I’m so stylish in my dreams…

Dreaming of Dior tonight. Close the door, this is private!

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