Native Inspirations: Spool No.72

Spool No. 72

I recently learned of Spool No.72, and am intrigued with the inspiration behind the collection. Spool No.72 is a collaborative effort of a mother and her two daughters who love the world of design and fashion and draw inspiration from each other. The concept was founded on a simple idea that style and design can easily co-exist with an easy way of living. Each Spool No.72 clutch is meticulously hand-crafted from a vintage Navajo Indian Rug. It’s rare to find handbags that represent history and culture. Visit to view the entire collection which includes clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Leather Harness BagCedar Leather Tote

Leather Harness Bag, Price: $162.00 and Cedar Leather Tote, Price: $162.00

Palouse Indian Rug ClutchCoyote Navajo Rug Clutch

Palouse Indian Rug Clutch, Price: $85.00 and Coyote Navajo Rug Clutch, Price: $115.00

Buck Indian Rug Clutch

Buck Indian Rug Clutch, Price: $85.00

“Navajo rugs and blankets are prized by collectors all over the world for their beauty and durability. For many Navajo women, weaving is not only a source of livelihood, it is a way to participate in traditional Navajo culture and community. The art of weaving is deeply felt expression of beauty, harmony, and balance: concepts that lie at the center of Navajo art and life.”

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