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One of my new favorite haute shops is CelebrityOwned, an eBay store that features 100% authentic designer women’s handbags, shoes, clothing & accessories from labels like Hermes, Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and many more. Located in Westwood, CA, CelebrityOwned’s merchandise comes from Hollywood stars, designers & producers. After spending several nights browsing CelebrityOwned (it takes several visits to see everything), I decided it was time to share these fantastic deals with the world. I had the privilege of interviewing the woman behind CelebrityOwned, Dana Weinrot.

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HR: When did you launch CelebrityOwned?

CO: I launched CelebrityOwned in 2005. I started it just for fun out of my house but word Hermes Navy Blue Leather 32 cm Kelly Handbag spread rather quickly and I had to get an office quickly as I couldn’t store all the merchandise in my house. The business grew so quick that I kept running out of space and had to move in to larger offices. I am now in my third office.

HR: What made you choose an eBay store over an independent website?

CO: I chose an eBay store because as a new online business owner, you just can’t beat the traffic that eBay sends to you. While its not inexpensive to be a Top Rated PowerSeller on eBay, as the fees are quite high, I still believe it’s worth it solely for the level of marketing that eBay does on my behalf to drive all the traffic to me.

HR: Do you have previous experience as a buyer or personal shopper?

CO: My only previous experience in shopping is being a shopper but once i got hooked on eBay, it became my #1 go to site besides when searching for items I was in the market for. There are just so many great deals out there, there is no reason to pay top retail prices anymore.

Miu Miu Painted Snakeskin BagHR: It’s obvious that you have a keen eye for style. How do you select the merchandise? Are there guidelines for choosing new merchandise for Celebrity Owned? How often do you shop for CelebrityOwned?

CO: Over the years, I have learned what sells the best on eBay. So now I just really try to stick to those brands and items that I know have top resale value. At the end of the day all the credit goes to my fabulous clients and their closets. Without their items, my business would not be the success it is today. The whole concept of my business becomes a topic of conversation between my clients and their friends. That’s really how I get all my new clients. It’s all word of mouth and it’s so amazing how it all works. Quite viral!

HR: What is the most rewarding aspect of having an online store?

CO: The most rewarding part of it all, is that I am able to make so many people happy. Clients and buyers – it’s really a win win for everyone. The clients want some extra cash so they clean their closets, the buyers on eBay want discounts, and I’m right in the middle.

HR: Can we expect a CelebrityOwned storefront in the future?

CO: I think about a CelebrityOwned storefront quite often but I fear change. eBay has become my life and I just can’t imagine starting over. I have an amazing husband, whom none of this would have happened without, and he is the one who normally pushes me to the next level even when I resist it most. So with all his wonderful support, I’m sure you will see a storefront in the future.

Click on the images pictured above for auction details. Visit CelebrityOwned to start shopping for your next designer handbag!


  1. Staci, great post about CelebrityOwned. Dana works incredibly hard at her business. It’s amazing to what it grow and blossom into something as successful as it is today!


  2. Hi David, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Dana and CelebrityOwned. It’s obvious how much time and effort is put into the business. I look forward to meeting you both the next time I’m in LA!

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