Nomi Network: “Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body”

Nomi Network

I learned of Nomi Network through a good friend, and knew I had to find out more about an organization with such a profound cause. Based in New York City, Nomi Network is a non-profit, anti sex-trafficking organization that aims to eradicate sexual slavery by leveraging the fashion creation/fashion consumer marketplace. Nomi partners with local artisans in Cambodia to create chic and sensible products that appeal to the global marketplace. Nomi Network’s unique business model aims to leverage the fashion industry by affecting product supply chains in order to fight sex-trafficking through sustainable economic empowerment.

 "Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body" tote - whiteB0001FrongGreenII

On September 15, Nomi Network launched its first product, a line of colorful eco-friendly totes. Purchased products generate awareness and support job and career training for survivors of sexual trafficking in South East Asia. It also gives supporters and globally-conscious fashionistas an opportunity to put an end to sexual slavery by sharing this powerful message with the world. The creation of these totes provide stable and well-paying job and career advancement opportunities for stigmatized ex-slaves and women at-risk, helping to end a destructive cycle of poverty.

The production of Nomi’s signature slogan totes are produced with assistance from the social enterprise Hagar On Time (HOT) in Cambodia. HOT has been dedicated to employing victims of sex trafficking since the late 90’s. Through the order of Nomi’s first product line, 750 hours of fair-wage labor was secured for survivors who have been restored and trained through HOT’s sister non-governmental organization, Hagar International.

 "Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body" totes

The tote comes in two styles, an over the shoulder bag that transforms into a single strap tote, and a basic two strap over the shoulder bag that is reversible. Each design is produced in three colors, primarily made from eco-friendly recycled rice bag material. Visit to learn more about getting involved and to purchase a tote that will help put an end to sexual slavery by sharing this powerful message with the world.


  1. Aly Carpenter says:

    Wow- great write… even though I knew about this site, I didn’t really want one until i read your blog – I may make that my Christmas present 😉 thanks Staci!

  2. Hey Aly, thanks again for informing me of the Nomi Network. I love that the totes are stylish, eco-friendly, and most importantly, benefit an important cause. There are additional colors, which I will feature in a separate article. They make great Christmas gifts!

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