Spool No.72 Kisslock Clutch

Spool No.72 Kisslock Clutch NavyOver the last year, I have grown to appreciate the color navy. It’s not my favorite shade of blue, however, I like navy as an alternative to black. Navy is a fantastic neutral that is often overlooked. It does not give the dramatic contrast that black sometimes has, and for that, I am choosing a navy clutch as today’s haute pick. Spool No.72 was featured as a Haute Label on HandbagReport.com, and since then, I’ve been keeping an eye on their new arrivals. I especially like the the Kisslock Clutch because of the rich shade of navy and the simplicity of the design shows off the craftsmanship. Not every handbag in your closet needs the grommets, studs, prints and patterns. Less is more, and more versatile. This large clutch has a fold over body style, gold hardware, and kisslock closure. Price: $46.00 at SpoolNo72.com

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