Bodhi Temple Bag

Now here’s a handbag that will be the topic of conversation everywhere you go. Bodhi bags embody a Far Eastern philosophy and bring about a zen like quality and charm to the wearer. Bodhi creative and design director Joseph Janus finds beauty and enlightenment in the things that surround him. Inspired by Asian architecture, the “Temple” bag features fluid, accordion like layers to give it a beautiful shape. It is made of pebble leather in cranberry and black with contrast edge painting along the sides. The interior features inspirational mantra. Price: $318 at Macy’s.


  1. Wendy Platt says:

    I like this one a great deal! It speaks to me!!! 🙂

  2. Dawn Brawley says:

    Beautiful bag!!! My nieces or one of my sisters (maybe even my mom!!) would steal it from me IMMEDIATELY!

  3. Wendy, I feel the same way! I get a good vibe from this bag which is what the designer intended.

  4. Dawn, it’s definitely a bag that your sisters, nieces and mom may fight over! It makes a statement!

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