Dime Divas: The Most Entertaining Shopping Experience

Dime Divas

I discovered Dime Divas before the holidays, and was a little reluctant to share for selfish reasons. Dime Divas offers brand new, authentic accessories including handbags, wallets, cosmetic bags, watches, and jewelry. Designers include Coach, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, Cole Haan, to name a few. All auctions start at just one dime! Every time a bid is placed, 10 seconds is added to the auction. If you are the last Diva standing when the time reaches zero, you win! Needless to say, I was bidding for Christmas gifts and did not want any competition. Now that the holiday madness is over, allow me introduce you to Dime Divas!

“Our mission is to delight our users with a shopping experience that rewards membership with victorious purchases and spa experiences for those who come oh-so-close to victory enough times to need a good massage.” Dime Divas, LLC was created by a brother-sister team who are avid penny auction users. They wanted to bring the excitement of bidding and winning while providing the finest entertainment shopping experience on the Internet. To start bidding, simply sign up. Once you become a member, you can purchase bids (called DivaDimes) to use on product auctions. You may spend your DivaDimes on multiple auctions. One DivaDime = 1 bid. You will receive 10 Glam Bucks for every DivaDime spent. Once you have earned 5500 Glam Bucks you, you will receive a $50 spafinder.com gift card!

Coach Soho Pleated Signature Hobo w/matching walletCole Haan Whitney Eastwest Flap BagJuicy Couture Brown Leather Bag

The fun part about bidding on Dime Divas is that each day of the week has a theme so you’re never bored with the auction items. Mini Mondays offers wristlets, clutches, and small purses! Tick-Tock Tuesdays offers watches! Wallet Wednesdays will offer purses with matching wallets. (Above is the Coach Soho Pleated Signature Hobo and matching wallet.) Thousand Dollar Thursdays has items listed with a MSRP of over $1,000! Need I go on?! Visit Dime Divas to find out about Fashion Fridays, Sassy Saturdays, and Second Chance Sundays!

What I love most about Dime Divas is their commitment to charitable contributions. Dime Divas will donate 50% of all final auction price to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Visit Dime-Divas.com to start bidding and let us know what you win!


  1. Good post.

    Dime Divas is a trustworthy entertainment shopping website. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Traci (one of the owners) and discuss their focus on customer satisfaction and a unique shopping experience.

    Learn more about Dime Divas here:


  2. Lindsay H. says:

    This site looks good, but I think some of the competitors have a better selection. See JoJolie.com and oohilove.com

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